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Mother’s Day: Amazing Facts About Motherhood That You Did Not Know About

Mother’s Day: Amazing Facts About Motherhood That You Did Not Know About

Mother’s Day: Amazing Facts About Motherhood That You Did Not Know About

While some people think that being a mother is a hard 24/7 job - washing, feeding, sleepless nights, etc. - others advocate for a more optimistic and motivational opinion that motherhood is a real miracle and priceless treasure worth fighting for.

No matter how many questions and opinions there are, one irrefutable fact will always be the same – to be a mother is one of the most important biological purposes for a female. However, even women themselves do not know some interesting facts about motherhood. That’s why we’ve decided to share these uncommon truths about being a mother with you.

The word "mum" was invented by ... children!

The word "mum" in almost all languages ​​sounds the same or very similar. For example, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese children call their mothers “mama”, while English-speaking kids say "mom" or "mum". Interesting, isn't it? There is a simple explanation why kids from all over the world call their mothers “mamas”. The thing is, one of the first syllables that kids say is “ma”. And since mothers are traditionally the first people for babies to bond with, almost all languages ​​of the world associate this syllable with a mother.

The physical bond between mother and baby never ends

Do you think cutting the umbilical cord ends a formal physical bond between a mother and child? No, not at all! During pregnancy, both mothers’ and babies’ bodies exchange their cells through the placenta. Sometimes babies’ cells remain in their mothers’ bodies for a very long time and can be found even a few years after giving birth.

In one study of Tufts University (the USA), cells of a 27-year-old son were detected in his mother’s body! So far, science does not know how exactly babies’ cells affect mothers’ body. However, some researchers suggest that these cells can protect women from some autoimmune diseases.

Motherhood changes a woman's brain

A study back in 2011 showed that pregnancy can cause changes in a woman's brain. The scans have proven that the brains of women who have recently given birth contain increased amounts of grey matter for up to four months after giving birth. In addition, some scientists have suggested that hormonal changes can provoke permanent changes in a woman's brain, just as hormones produced during adolescence contribute to the development of the brain of teenagers.

40km per day

The European public organisation "MaMa" conducted another study and found out that an average stay-at-home mum, in fact, not only does not stay at home, but does an average of 40km a day looking after her kids and doing all the chores!


Thus, motherhood is not just a “biological function”, but also a lifestyle and an everyday full-time job, where you do not have an annual leave and cannot call in sick, or simply ask for time off.

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